Our Own Ginger Cole Elected 2022-2023 SIA Secretary/Treasurer


In this role, Ginger will participate in strategic planning and program development to help Soroptimist meet its next Big Goal to reach half a million women girls through access to education. In addition, she will work with Soroptimist’s professional staff to oversee the organization’s financial practices and accounts.

See the Press Release for more information.

SI/Los Angeles, CA, Celebrates 100th Anniversary


Congratulations to SI/Los Angeles, CA (Camino Real Region), and all its members as they mark the 100th anniversary of their chartering on July 19, 2022!

SIA headquarters does not have any archival holdings on the chartering of this club, and the Los Angeles club did not find any related to the work of Stuart Morrow in chartering the in their club’s archives. But through the use of public domain newspaper clippings, we can begin to piece together a portion of the Los Angeles club’s charter story.

Read the full Press Release on the SIA site.

In Memoriam

Jim Henderson

SI of Los Angeles has recently lost an amazing friend and supporter, Jim Henderson. For years, Jim worked behind the scenes for so many of our club and Region activities as our photographer, IT support, program design, and audio visual engineer. He worked tirelessly making sure our activities had a professional flare, and also worked to educate our members on safe computer practices and fraud prevention. Jim was always there when we needed him. We will miss him tremendously.

Noyola Sisters Give Back


Photo/Courtesy of Lucero Noyola

SILA congratulates members Carmen and Lucero Noyola for their recent features in USC News and USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work news. Through their determination, the sisters have overcome incredible odds and forged a path for themselves and their families. The sisters have been members of SILA for two years, before which they volunteered in our Dream it, Be It program. Carmen was one of the winners in March 2019 of SILA’s Live Your Dream award, and Lucero received the Joan Johnson Fellowship Award.

Read the full USC New article and the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work article.