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Application Deadline: November 15, 2018

Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream: Education & Training Awards for Women

Presented annually, the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award award is granted to two local women who provide the primary financial support for their families. The award supports their efforts to improve their education, skills, and employment prospects

Deadline: Applications are due each year by November 15th



Live Your Dream Award Winner - Fatima JuarezFATIMA JUAREZ

My ultimate goal is to become a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist for foster youth.

Initially, I desire to obtain stable employment working with foster youth or in the foster care system.

My long-term career goal is to open the first foster youth center inside of a high school in hopes to spread this program to all other high schools in Southern California and one day the nation.

My degree in psychology will also help me to become a foster mom.

Live Your Dream Award Winner - Lorraine AllenLORRAINE ALLEN

I am a middle-aged single mom with 2 young kids returning to academia and re-creating a career after a devastating divorce. This has strengthened my determination tenacity and will.

As a student in radiology, my patients are dealing with adversity, broken bones, cancer, pain and some level of suffering.

I desire to inspire patients to push past their physical, financial, and emotional blocks.