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Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream: Education & Training Awards for Women

Presented annually, the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award award is granted to two local women who provide the primary financial support for their families. The award supports their efforts to improve their education, skills, and employment prospects.





Isabel is currently enrolled at Los Angeles City College and has constructed an academic plan with her counselor that will allow her to be ready to transfer by the end of the spring term 2021. She has chosen Biology as her major in order to best prepare her for the Medical College Admissions Test which she needs to gain entry into Medical School. She is interested in doing research and has connected with two women at UCLA doing research and is hoping for an internship. She was able to connect with these two women after attending a networking workshop for former foster youth. She has been homeless and has benefitted from a transitional housing program, Guarding Scholars, which also provides assistance in parenting for former foster youth. As a single mother and working part time, she knows that her path to UCLA, majoring in Biology, attending Medical School, and completing her residency will not be easy. Isabel’s goal is to be an OB/Gyn. She looks to her Live Your Dream Award to help her reduce her financial struggles so that she can focus on her daughter and her education.


Cherry is attending Los Angeles City College with the goal of attaining a degree in Business Administration. She wants to focus on the social issue of Homelessness. She knows firsthand of the hardships that go along of homelessness as she and her four children found themselves homeless. She now lives in a low-income affordable housing community which helped stabilize her life and allowed her to go to school. She was able to move forward because of this opportunity. She knows that she has to help herself before she can help others and knows that this will take time. Cherry wants to use the knowledge and skills from her Business Administration degree to manage programs that are centered around helping women and children. She also sees a Masters degree after her Bachelors degree is achieved. She strives to educate herself to be more flexible and adaptable in order to create change and progress in her life, family and community. Cherry wants to be a part of an organization that helps the homeless victims of domestic violence. She speaks to other women who are in similar situations as hers.


Carmen identifies herself as a Mexican-American first generation student, low income single mother, and former foster youth. Against all odds she is pursuing both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at USC with the commitment to ensure that there is a path for future generations and disenfranchised communities. She serves on a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor council which is focused on improving supports and services for disconnected populations. She has developed a program for incarcerated girls in Los Angeles County which is set to begin at the end of this year. Carmen continues to participate in state advocacy efforts that create higher education opportunities for former foster youth. Her education and research focus on developing equitable and sustainable ways of alleviating the homeless and affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles. She has created the first centralized database of non-traditional housing typologies which is used collaboratively by different sectors to address pressing issues in the city. The Live Your Dream Award will support Carmen in the completion of her degrees as funding and financial assistance are scarce.