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Past Winners

SILA has a long history of awarding Fellowships to deserving students. Included here are the 2012 recipients.

Adrienne Meier - Fellowship Award Winner 2012
Adrienne Meier - Fellowship Award Winner 2012

Dr. Adrienne Meier (2012). A graduate of Northwest Nazarene University, Adrienne completed her MA degree in Clinical Psychology at Fuller Graduate School, where she is obtained her Ph.D. Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Adrienne has a deep commitment toward those who are not only of lower socioeconomic status, but also have physical and or mental needs. As she says, “I love working with individuals from a variety of setting, such as medical psychiatric and forensic facilities.” Included in these is City of Hope Medical Center, Patton State Hospital, UCLA Longevity Center, and prison facilities.

Jennie Giron - SILA Fellowship Award Winner 2012
Jennie Giron - Fellowship Award Winner 2012

Jennie Giron (2012). An outstanding student, Jennie graduated magna cum laude from New Mexico State, followed by her master's degree in Education from Arizona State with a 3.9 GPA. Jennie next spent two years working for Teach for America. As a 7th grade math teacher, she learned to cope with a lack of essential supplies such as chairs, desks, and even books. Overcoming these obstacles, Jennie was able to increase her students’ knowledge by 3 grade levels.

From this experience, she began to question what it takes for a good leader to become a great leader. This quest led her to Claremont Graduate University where she is currently studying Positive Organizational Psychology as she works toward an MBA.