Soroptimist International of Los Angeles
June/July 2016                                                                   Vol. 7, Issue 6

Save the DatesJuly 20-23: SIA 44th Biennial Convention @ Orlando, Florida

Aug. 13:  CRR Annual Leadership Summit @ Glendale Police Station, Glendale

Aug. 27: SILA Annual Planning Retreat @ California Hospital. Watch for more details but SAVE THIS DATE IN PARTICULAR!

Oct. 1:    CRR Fall Workshop hosting by SI Alhambra, San Gabriel, San Marino.

Oct. 18:   Barbara Jury to receive the prestigious 2016 Half Century Trojans Hall of Fame award @ USC Town & Gown

President Joyce JacobDear <<First Name>>,

Two years ago, I chose a theme for SILA that proved more than I expected. We have been active and we did it with fun!!!
At the Camino Real Region Spring Conference from May 13-15, 2016, we had thirteen SILA Members attending and they were everywhere: volunteering, speaking, on the Arrangement Committee for the Spring Conference, presenting Friday night dinner inspiration, participating in the drawings and winning awards. We won 3rd Place for the SIA Camino Real Region Governor’s Award. SILA received a certificate for Celebrating Success with four entries: Fundraising, Membership, Public Awareness and Programs.  We also received recognition for participating with our poster, Clubs on Parade, which highlighted SILA members and activities.
The best experience was the Installation Dinner for SILA Member, Ginger Cole as the Camino Real Region Governor for 2016-2018. Her biennial theme is: CATCH THE DREAM. This is an exciting theme to provide focus on her leadership as CRR Governor.
Now is the time for transition with the Installation of SILA Officers on June 15 by CRR District 2 Director, Lola Abrahamian, SI Glendale.
THANK YOU, 1st Vice President Carole Oglesby; 2nd Vice President Daphyne Howell; Secretary Bev Johnson; Treasurer Jeri Durham; Director 2014-2016 Barbara Jury and Director 2015-2017 Diane Vernon. I strongly feel a leader is only as good as the people around her. WE HAD OUTSTANDING MEMBERS COMMITTED TO THEIR ROLES.
Our leadership for 2016-2017 will be: President Daphyne Howell; 1st Vice President Joyce Jacob; 2nd Vice President Amy Poulos; Secretary Lessie Caballero; Treasurer Jeri Durham; Director 2016-2018 Jessica Washington; and Director 2015-2017 Diane Vernon.
Have a great year and what an honor for me to be your President from 2014-2016.

President Joyce

- Fellowship Winner - 27 Years Later
- Cooking Breakfast for 200
- Meet Our New Members
- Catch the Dream
- Installation of SILA's New Board

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2015-16 BOARD:
President: Joyce Jacob
1st VP: Carole Oglesby
2nd VP: Daphyne Howell
Secretary: Bev Johnson
Treasurer: Jeri Durham
Director 2014-16: Barbara Jury
Director 2015-17: Diane Vernon

For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:

President Joyce Jacob at or 626-222-9316

Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438

Webmistress Ann Read at or 626-919-9202



Andrea DavisThe speaker at the May 4 program meeting was Andrea Davis, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist and head of Greenhouse Therapy Center in Pasadena. Andrea was the winner of the SILA Graduate Fellowship Award in 1989!
“It is truly unbelievable to me that the dream I outlined in my acceptance speech to you in the spring of 1989 has been made a reality,” Andrea noted.
Her Center has served the greater Pasadena community richly since that time. The Center is located in two grand vintage homes side by side on California Boulevard. Through the years, they have “set many lives on the right course for forever growing stronger.” And they have provided clinical training for over 200 graduate students in psychology at the master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels.
Andrea has been recognized for her expertise in guiding parents of children and teens with autism. She is a leader of groups that share the latest research and clinical advances in autism therapy and she is working on autism treatment legislation.
“Thank you so much for your faith in me and your tangible support of my early career launch.  Without your financial award, it would have been very difficult to delay full time work to pursue a post-doctoral clinical and research fellowship in early childhood. Clearly the core learning from that experience paid off many times over for the children and families and adults my Center serves.”

Cooking at DWCTwo new members, Charlotte Lerchenmuller and Ramona Kuzyk, joined Amy Poulos, Carole Oglesby, Jessica Washington, Jeri Durham, Diane Vernon and Bev Johnson, on Saturday, May 7, at the Downtown Women Center to cook breakfast for 200 homeless ladies.

They prepared breakfast burritos which consisted of squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, and beans served on a whole wheat tortilla. The ladies also had yogurt with fresh fruit, and could add sliced avocadoes and cheese to the burrito. Cutting that squash was a killer!!

The recipe was really foreign to all of the Soroptimist, but most of the ladies seemed to like it.  Many came back for seconds.  SILA brought them flowers for the tables, as it was the day before Mother's Day.



SILA is delighted to welcome three new members to Soroptimist.


Margaret FreedSILA may have just broken a club record – certainly for SILA, but maybe for all Soroptimist clubs – by inducting a new member who is OVER 100 years old! Margaret Freed will be 101 in November, 2016, but that didn’t stop her from becoming one of SILA’s newest members in May.
Margaret was born, raised, and worked in Los Angeles her entire life.  She attended Garfield High School but having skipped third and eleventh grades, she graduated at age 16. Always artsy, she got a scholarship for art school out of high school, but her mother insisted she get training in a field where she “could make a living.” She attended Los Angeles Community College and eventually became a Registered Nurse through USC, formerly the county hospital.
She met her husband when he was a tuberculosis patient who later did his residency at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles. She ended up working with him in his private practice in LA for 50 years. Margaret and her husband started Barlow Guild House, a gift shop of unique gifts which helped support the funding needs of the hospital for over 60 years. Margaret continued running it after Dr. Freed’s death, as did their granddaughter – and fellow SILA member – Amy Poulos.
Margaret was married over 60 years, has two children, 3 grandchildren and a 13 year old great grandson, all in the LA area. Be sure to ask her about her collections of turtles, butterflies, and Japanese Netsuke!  She stays busy sewing 20 clown dolls a month for the California Hospital Children’s Ward as well as wardrobes for American Girl dolls. And now, of course, she’ll be active in SILA activities as well.

Charlotte LerchenmullerCharlotte Lerchenmuller is a native Angeleno who attended Franklin High School in Highland Park and earned a BA and Masters from Cal State LA with credentials in teaching, counseling and administration.
She had a 39 year career with LAUSD.  She retired after 14 years as principal of Emerson Middle School where she was a colleague of SILA member Lessie Caballero, also a retired middle school principal. She now works with fellow SILA member Jeri Durham as a consultant for AALA (Associated Administrators of Los Angeles) representing administrators and classified civil servants within LAUSD.
Her husband of 45 years died three years ago but she has two step sons and two grandsons, ages 18 and 23. An avid gardener, seamstress, needle worker and quilter, she also has two cats and is redoing the kitchen of her Silver Lake home.
She was drawn to SILA because of its hands-on service activities. She’s already joined SILA in serving breakfast at the Downtown Women’s Center and loved it!

Ramona KuzykRamona Kuzyk is a Canadian who grew up in a rural area outside Edmonton. After earning a Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Alberta and working for a year in Canada, she was lured to Los Angeles in 2000 at the age of 28 by Los Angeles Public Library recruiters who had a jobs table at a library convention in Edmonton.
Librarian jobs were scarce in Canada but there was a librarian shortage in Los Angeles. She spent four years as a teen librarian at the LA Central Library, then four years as a children’s librarian in Northridge, but has spent the last eight years as a children’s librarian at Atwater Village Library. She’s enjoyed all her assignments but is particularly happy where she is.
Atwater is close to the new home she just purchased in Glassell Park in November. After a three year search, the new house is only two miles from her prior home. She admits she’s “obsessing” over making it just how she wants. She also just adopted a new rescue cat, Polly, with health issues, and has another rescue cat, Betty. “I didn’t expect to become a “cat lady!” she says.
Ramona’s current work schedule includes Wednesday and Thursday nights, so you won’t see her at many SILA meetings. And she usually spends Augusts in Canada visiting her Mom and a nephew. But she enjoys hands-on community service (she met Amy Poulos through her volunteer work at the Barlow Guild House) and is looking forward to participating in SILA activities.



Catch the Dream logoGovernor GingerSILA’s own Ginger Cole was installed as Governor of Camino Real Region at the Spring Conference on May 14.
In her speech at the installation, she presented the 2016-2018 Region Theme: CATCH THE DREAM. She gave everyone a dream catcher as a symbolic representation of the theme.
Legends say a dream catcher hung over your bed will catch your dreams. Negative nightmarish dreams get caught up in the mesh and dissipate, while positive dreams slip seamlessly down and become our reality.
As Ginger said, “Soroptimist is dedicated to creating programs for those whose dreams have been deferred. We become partners in others’ journeys. Through our programs, we have the ability to make others’ dreams come true. We have the ability to help women and girls reinvent the dreams that they have lost. They need “a kiss to build a dream on” and we can provide that for them. We can become their dream catchers.”
This biennium, we will R.I.S.E., focusing on:
            Retention, recruitment and recognition
            Support and fellowship, and
We will strive to build a healthy region with healthy clubs that are viable and fun. This biennium we will RISE together and we will “CATCH THE DREAM”.

Installation dinnerSILA installation dinner was a festive affair held June 15 at El Cholo Restaurant.

It included a heartfelt farewell and gifts to Joyce Jacob after serving two years as SILA president and a welcome to Daphyne Howell as the new president and her board.

Daphyne's theme for 2016-2017 will be "Practice Makes Perfect". More on that next year!

2016-2017 BoardPictured here are Lola Abrahamiam, CRR District II Director from SI Glendale and the new board Jeri Durham, Treasurer; Jessica Washington, Director 2016-18; Daphyne Howell, President; Joyce Jacob, 1st Vice President; Amy Poulos, 2nd Vice President; and Diane Vernon, Director 2015-17. Missing is Lessie Caballero, Secretary.