Soroptimist International of Los Angeles
September 2014                                                                                     Vol. 6, Issue 1
September 3
Don't forget! SILA's first business meeting is this WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 3rd at 6:00pm at Taix Restaurant. Come at 5:30 PM if you wish to work on Facebook skill building. Just bring a tablet, laptop or some way to get on the internet.
President JoyceDear <<First Name>>,

Each SILA President puts forward a thought to provide direction for the year. Mine is:

After doing the end-of -the year reports for SILA in June 2014, I realize what action we have done on a local level involving members, families, friends, community groups and speakers. This was under the leadership of Past-President Bev Johnson and I am proud to take over after her role as SILA President. We expanded our action to Camino Real Region, Soroptimist International of America, and Soroptimist International. We are truly an International Organization providing support to girls and women on a global basis. That is very powerful!

Of course, we have used words to express our interests for girls and women but our action will be demonstrated on how we make the changes that are occurring to promote the mission of Soroptimist. We have new programs: LIVE YOUR DREAM and DREAM IT, BE IT. Teresa will be the Live Your Dream Chair. This Program was WOA and it does follow the same qualifications, but a different title. Jessica will be the Dream It, Be It Chair. This program is new for everyone and so we are learning the process. (See more below.) Each SILA Member needs to support both Teresa and Jessica in the new programs.

We are also very active in our Projects, such as: 1736 Christmas Party, Clothes the Deal, Downtown Women’s Center (cooking breakfast), Reading is FUNdamental and other approved projects. We are committed to being active in Public Relations. We have strong support from the following members assigned: Janet-newsletter, Ann-website, Carole-social media, Bev-Camino Real Region (Club Corner) and SIA- Best for Women. In order to function as a Club, we MUST have members and create methods for fundraising. Sheila, Emily and Daphyne are Chairs for Membership and Daphyne is Chair for Fundraising. These are roles that need all active SILA Members to be part of the Committee and support the planning done by the Membership Chairs and Fundraiser Chair.

We will have an active year but this is the fun in life. So I recommend eat well, exercise, sleep well and enjoy what you do so we can prove that Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

President Joyce

- A New Soroptimist Program for Girls
- SILA's Award Winning Film Maker
- Happy 92nd Birthday, SILA!!
- A (Quilting and) Plannng Retreat
- Update from Scholarship Winner
- How Members Spent Their Summer

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2014-15 BOARD:
President: Joyce Jacob
1st VP: Carole Oglesby
2nd VP: Daphyne Howell
Secretary: Bev Johnson
Treasurer: Teresa Harvey
Director 2014-16: Barbara Jury
Director 2013-15: Julie Mairs

For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:

President Joyce Jacob at or 626-222-9316

Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438

Webmistress Ann Read at or 626-919-9202


DIBI logoIt's called: DREAM IT, BE IT. The goal: Through education and access to role models, girls will be empowered to pursue their career goals and reach their full potential.

Dream It, Be It joins Soroptimists’ long-running program Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women (formerly the Women’s Opportunity Awards). As the Live Your Dream Awards is SIA’s cornerstone program for assisting women, Dream It, Be It will be the primary way SIA will assist girls.

2014-15 is the planning period. During this time, Clubs will conduct a community assessment, plan for club participation either through small group mentoring or a career event for High School girls, create an advisory group, finalize dates, partners and locations, and identify speakers, supporters and sponsors. In 2015-16, the program will start.  Click here for more information.

BNFF logoOn July 17, SILA members Joyce Jacob and Carole Oglesby, along with Kim Jacob and a friend of Carole’s attended the showing of Emily Dell’s short film, The Compass Rose, at the Egyptian Theatre. There were eight short films followed by a discussion with all filmmakers. Emily’s film was six minutes long and is a trailer for a full length movie yet to be produced. It recently won the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Award for Best Action Short Film. How proud we are to have a woman filmmaker as a SILA member. Carole enjoyed the short film with the biggest bag of popcorn!

92nd Birthday PicnicOn July 18, SILA members celebrated our 92nd birthday by having a picnic at Ferndale, Trails Café near our Soroptimist Grove. Perfect day, perfect picnic! In attendance was Barbara Jury, Joyce Jacob, Kim Jacob, Diane Vernon and Marian Dodge, Director with Friends of Griffith Park. Marian brought displays regarding the history of Ferndale and the Soroptimist Grove.
Marian led an interesting discussion about current park issues. Did you know there is a project in the works with several organizations to divert available underground water to better accommodate Fern Dell? Marian also expressed concern about the mountain lion in Griffith Park which has been on national news. At present, he or she is recovering from contacting rat poison. This can occur from the food-chain. The poison can kill a rat but it also can kill the animal that eats the rat. Griffith Park is taking excellent care of the mountain lion by GPS tracking collar and followed by 15 motion-sensor cameras. P22, the name of the mountain lion, is the most urban mountain lion in the country.

Quilting makes a teamOn August 2, 2014 SILA Members attended our annual summer planning retreat at Barbara Jury’s home. What a great day! In attendance: Jeri Durham, Teresa quiltingTeresa Harvey, Joyce Jacob, Bev Johnson, Joan Johnson, Barbara Jury, Carole Oglesby, Pam Smith, Sheila Tatum, Diane Vernon, Jessica Washington and potential new member, Amy Poulos. We had a great time learning to quilt (which can make a team)! Come to the Business Meeting and see the results of the individual quilts. Report to follow regarding the retreat. Wonderful food provided by Hollenbeck Palms.
Update From Scholarship Winner
Mav ViolaMav Viola, one of two winners of the SILA Graduate Scholarship Award in 2014, reported on her project in Echo Park and in graduate school:
“I actually had dinner with a woman from San Francisco last night who is going to help my team of social workers get some grants together for our youth program in Echo Park. We reached the stage where we need to achieve non-profit status and gather funding, so we're reaching out to people who know what they're doing in that department. It's going well, slow, but definitely moving forward. I start my final year of grad school at the end of September and I'm anxious to get started on my thesis, which is also centered around homeless youth in LA.
Please tell everyone in SILA a big HELLO from Mav! :)”

Bev with troutTeresa's home is now a Bed and Breakfast and she had visitors from all over the world. She lives near the beach and whether a large party or small, they had a wonderful time and make fast friends with Teresa.
Bev has gone to June Lake and caught her limit of trout each day which she shared with SILA members
Joan is still in June Lake, but has traveled back and forth to LA. She plans to move to her retirement home in November
Carole is writing a book with CSUN colleagues. Foundation of Kinesiology will be a text book for an introductory course in a Kinesiology major program. To be out Sping 2015

Janet skydivingJanet did a tandem skydive from 18000'.

Pam home's was used for a TV Program, to be out in September. Pam will give us more details but she said they were in her home for 3 days, approximately 100 people!
Diane is fully recovered after having hip and knee replacement on the same leg (of course, not at the same time). She is better than new, not running but walking very well.